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Oil and gas have been produced in Utah since early pioneer times. Production in commercial quantities came later as the population and demand for energy resources began to grow. Similarly, Utah's refineries were built as the automobile became more widespread and the State's population grew. Since those early days, petroleum has become a critical part of Utah's landscape, society and social fabric. The eastern half of the State has developed around the extractive and energy industries with oil and gas right along side mining as the cornerstones. Modern life and lifestyle revolve around reliable, safe energy resources in enough quantity to make them economically viable. Utah's petroleum industry proudly provides those resources enhancing the lives of every Utah citizen.

Utah's Petroleum Industry

Utah is one of only a handful of states to be blessed with companies involved in all sectors of the petroleum industry. Utah’s abundant natural resources support an active oil and gas exploration and production industry. Midstream oil and gas processing and transportation is an important sector of Utah’s economy. Utah’s five petroleum refineries manufacture fuels that Utahns depend on every day. Nearly 2,000 retail gas stations provide finished products to consumers.

Issue Briefs

The oil and gas industry is large, complex and one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. A responsibility we take seriously is to work collaboratively with federal, state and local governments and regulatory agencies as well as the communities where we operate to ensure proper communication and participation in the numerous issues related to oil and gas exploration, development, transportation, refining and marketing. We strive to be good community partners as we comply with, and in many circumstances, exceed governmental requirements in compliance with the thousands of regulations affecting our industry.