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The oil and gas industry, in Utah and around the nation, creates a lot of news. UPA works to monitor numerous media outlets and other regional and national industry trade groups for stories of interest to UPA Members regarding all aspects of the industry as well as political or economic news. UPA is also a reliable, trusted source of information for Utah's media outlets on issues and topics regarding the industry and its related issues on public lands, environmental quality, taxation, economic impacts, etc. UPA's staff welcomes you call or email to discuss trending issues of importance to the community.

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Backroom deals for transportation fund distribution need to end

Citizens who care about transparency in government should be bothered by evidence that millions of dollars in sales tax money earmarked for transportation projects are being doled out in backroom deals that seem to favor certain cities with political and lobbying connections over others. Taxpayers in municipalities are seeing no direct benefit from their tax contributions because of a funding process that clearly needs to be more open and more fairly administered.  Read Article . . .

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