During the past session, legislators established the Transportation Governance and Funding Task Force to study in depth and make recommendations regarding the future of transportation infrastructure in the State of Utah.  The Task Force has begun this effort and will now be meeting on a monthly basis.  It has also created two working groups to dive even deeper into Governance and Funding.  

The Governance portion of the effort seems to be focused on the Utah Transit Authority and relooking at the oversight and mission of that agency.  While important to the entire state, it is less directly impactful for our industry.  The Funding discussions have direct import on transportation, fuels, taxes, and the state's petroleum industry.  

The initial meetings of these groups have focused on high level topics that concern legislators, state transportation officials and local communities such as inadequate funding, the changing nature of the fuel tax with higher mileage vehicles and alternative fueled vehicles, air quality and several other key issues.

UPA will attend and monitor these meetings as we progress towards the 2018 legislative session.  The next full Task Force meeting is scheduled as follows:

DATE:  Thursday, July 13
TIME:  1:00 p.m.
PLACE:  210 Senate Building - State Capitol

The next Funding Workgroup meeting will be:

DATE:  Monday, July 17
TIME:  10:00 a.m.
PLACE:  Majority Caucus Room - State Capitol

Anyone interested can follow the activities of these groups through the legislative website at https://le.utah.gov/asp/interim/Commit.asp?year=2017&com=TSKTGF.  For the full Task Force meetings, you can also listen to the audio online through the same site.