On July 13-14, UPA initiated discussions with the Uinta Basin counties as well as the Utah Association of Counties, Utah League of Cities and Towns, Utah Division and Board of Oil, Gas and Mining and the Utah Energy Office to discuss and find common ground on the concerns that prompted UPA's introduction of SB 189 Oil and Gas Amendments during this year's legislative session.  

As a reminder, the bill didn't pass and was voluntarily pulled back by UPA in favor of this summer's dialogue with all the various stakeholders to foster better understanding of our concerns as well as give adequate opportunity for stakeholders feedback and concerns to be expressed.  The intended outcome of SB 189 and any future legislation is to explicitly clarify that oil and gas regulatory authority in Utah lies with the Board of Oil, Gas and Mining and is administered by the Division.  The intent is also to clarify that local governments (cities and counties) do have valid, legitimate duties and authorities relating to planning and zoning and local ordinances advancing the health, safety and welfare of their citizens.

UPA, and several Member Companies, met with commisioners of Uintah and Duchesne Counties on July 13 in the Basin and representatives of the Utah Association of Counties and Utah League of Cities and Towns in Salt Lake the following day.  Both meetings were exceptionally useful in fostering a better understanding from all sides related to the issues.  

UPA was tasked to formulate and provide draft language based on the conversations that would accomplish our goals while respecting the authority of local governments.  That draft can be viewed here.  UPA's Upstream Committee will hold a special conference call meeting to review the proposed language in anticipation of a follow up meeting with the interested stakeholders.  That meeting is scheduled as follows:

DATE:  Thursday, July 27
TIME:  1:00 p.m. (MDT)
CALL:  866-244-8528; 06678255#

All are welcomed and encouraged to participate.