UPA has confirmed with the Division of Air Quality that the long-anticipated oil and gas permit by rule proposal will be introduced to the Utah Air Quality Board in the Board's September meeting.  That meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 6, 1:30 p.m. at the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

The PBR was expected to be introduced at the August AQB meeting, but DAQ staff got short on time and didn't have enough time to finalize their draft and then circulate the draft for industry review prior to the August meeting.  DAQ has committed to circulate the draft to UPA and other industry members late in July to allow adequate time for review and discussion prior to the September AQB hearing.  This will be a topic of discussion on our next Upstream Committee call scheduled for Monday, August 21, at 2:00 p.m.

The typical DAQ/UAQB process for a draft rule would be for the DAQ staff to make a presentation on the rule, why it's necessary and what it contains, at the initial hearing.  The Board will then likely authorize the rule to be published in the State Bulletin and put out for public comment.  The public comment period will likely be 45 days with the Agency accepting written comments.  A public hearing will also be scheduled where interested public can express their position in person to the Agency.

UPA will forward the draft Permit by Rule as soon as we receive it from DAQ.