A proposed rule approved for public comment by the Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining has been published in the Utah State Bulletin.  The "Refusal to Agree" (R649-2-9) rule (view here) is now available for public comment through August 15th.  Interested parties can also comment during the Board's August 23rd regular hearing.

This proposed rule is a short term patch in the ongoing Board process related to the passage of SB 191 Oil & Gas Amendments from this year's legislative session.    With the effective date of the legislation on May 9, the Division and Board did not have adequate time to properly go through their formal rule making process in order to have provisions in place to cover issues addressed in the legislation.  The short term solution was to pass an emergency rule and then this subsequent interim rule to provide an abbreviated framework until stakeholders can be engaged in the more in-depth formal rule making process.

UPA will continue to engage the Division and Board on this rule as we've already endorsed draft rules to be considered when the final rule making takes place (view here).  This is expected to take place throughout the late Summer and Fall.