The Air Quality Board has proposed for public comment the Division's proposed FY 2019 Operating Permit Program Fee of $78.86 per ton of emissions.  The 2019 fee reflects an increase of $1.15/ton over the 2018 level.  The fee is determined by totaling all the program costs and dividing by the projected tons of emissions administered under the program.  Generally, program costs increase while the tonnage regulated decreases and thus the per ton fee must increase to cover the associated costs.  The 2019 projected emissions inventory of 55,600 tons is 1,400 tons less than the previous year.  Staffing in the program has also steadily declined over time, reducing from 39 FTE's in 1995 to 30 projected in 2019.  That is a reduction of 1 FTE from the 2018 number.

After public comment and the subsequent Board approval, the Department of Environmental Quality's entire budget must be approved by the legislature at the upcoming session starting in January.  Department and Division leadership will present the budget through the appropriations subcommittees which also gives industry another chance for input and public comment.  Please feel free to contact UPA with any questions or concerns about the proposed fee level.