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Sprung Instant Structures, Inc.

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Building Manufacturer


Utah Office

5711 West Dannon Way
West Jordan, Ut 84081
(801) 280-1555

Corporate Office

Key Contacts

Mike Jeske, Regional Business Development Manager
(801) 280-1555

Gerald Heath, Business Development Manager
(801) 280-1555
(801) 633-5509 (Cell)

Robert Ekblad, Business Development Manager
(801) 280-1555

Scott Elkins, Business Development Manager
(801) 280-1555

Company Profile

Our durable, precision-engineered structures are the solution of choice for a broad range
of industries needing a fast, reliable and cost-effective building solution.

Sprung Instant Structures, Inc. located in Salt Lake City, Utah is a member of the Sprung Group of Companies in business since 1887, which has achieved international recognition by providing shelter solutions for thousands of different applications in over ninety countries throughout the world.

Sprung is the inventor of the stressed membrane structure, engineered to accommodate the world’s need for enclosed space quickly and economically.

This innovative building solution utilizes architectural membrane panels placed under high tension within a non-corroding aluminum substructure. Sprung provides an optional superior performing energy efficient Johns Manville formaldehyde free insulation package.

The benefits of Sprung structures include: speed of erection, flexibility of use, customization and unparalleled engineering. Each Sprung structure is manufactured from the highest quality products and materials, and individually tested using strict performance measures. With a specialized high-strength aluminum alloy, our substructure has an unlimited lifespan. Sprung structures are engineered to meet or exceed the requirements of most building codes and standards.

The proven advanced and responsive building solution.

Our corporate and manufacturing facilities are located in Sprung structures. We showcase and enjoy the superior qualities and features that make a Sprung structure a sound business, environmentally-friendly, building choice.

Updated 10-2017