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Jacam Chemical

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Chemical Oilfield Solutions


Utah Office

2813 West 2600 South
Roosevelt, UT 84066

Corporate Office

205 South Broadway
Sterling, KS 67579
(620) 278-3355

Key Contacts

Gabe Behling, Area Manager
(435) 650-4125

Company Profile

Jacam and Catalyst Oilfield Services are divisions of CES Energy Solutions Corp. (TSX: CEU) (Nasdaq Int’l: CESDF), a leading provider of technically advanced consumable chemical oilfield solutions, upstream to downstream. CES’s U.S. and Canadian divisions together provide total solutions at the drill bit, point of completion and stimulation, wellhead, pump jack, and finally to the pipeline, midstream and downstream markets.
Jacam and Catalyst (50+ U.S. locations) are manufacturers and service providers of production, stimulation, frac, pipeline and refinery chemical solutions. Our extensive product lineup includes corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, paraffin inhibitors, demulsifiers, water clarifiers, EPA-registered biocides and gas sweeteners,
 Specialty products include SuperCorr®, a unique binary corrosion inhibitor; and a line of solid chemistry products for continuous-release treatment of corrosion, scale, bacteria, paraffin or salt.

Updated 12-2017