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Job Industrial Services, Inc.

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Industrial Engineering Services

Utah Office

1085 South Redwood Road, Suite 150
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
(801) 433-0901

Corporate Office

Key Contacts

Jason Job, President/CEO
(801) 201-9080

Steve Wendel, COO
(801) 230-5314

Company Profile

Job Industrial Services, Inc. (JIS) is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  JIS has all engineering disciplines in-house including automation and controls.
JIS personnel are experts in the complete design of Sulfur Recovery and Sulfur related Units (SRU & TGU) and has extensive experience in general refining design and construction (Sour & Waste Water Processing, Crude & Vacuum Fractionation, LPG Recovery & Fractionation, Reforming, Flare Gas Recovery, Hydro-Treating, Merox Treating, DuPont™ BELCO® Balance Of Plant, RO Units, Waste Water Recovery, Utility, Power and General OSBL).

Updated 10-2017