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Crescent Point Energy

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Exploration & Production

Utah Office

144 W. 425 S.
Roosevelt, UT 84066
(435) 722-0291

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555 17th Street, Suite 1800
Denver, CO 80210
(720) 880-3610

Key Contacts

Jacob Woodland, Surface Landman
(435) 722-0039

Leslie, Buhler, Community Representative
(435) 722-0291

Glenn "Quinn" Call, Community Representative
(435) 722-0291

Company Profile

Crescent Point Energy is one of Canada’s largest light and medium oil producers, based in Calgary, Alberta. We are focused on growing our significant resource base in the Williston Basin, Southwest Saskatchewan and the Uinta Basin in Utah. Crescent Point strives to maximize shareholder returns through its total return strategy of long-term growth plus dividend income.

Uinta Basin
Size: 287,000 net acres
Production: Approximately 10% of Company total
In late 2012, we established a significant position in the Uinta Basin, a stacked multi-zone, light oil resource play. This basin is one of the largest oil-in-place resource pools in North America and provides significant opportunities for significant future growth. Subsequent to our initial entry, we increased our geological knowledge of the basin and developed detailed petro-physical models based on proprietary core data and 3-D seismic. This knowledge has allowed us to evolve our drilling program from vertical to horizontal wells, including longer laterals up to two-miles in length.

Updated 10-2017