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Brahma Group, Inc.

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Mechanical Industrial Construction

Utah Office

1132 South 500 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 521-5200

Corporate Office

Key Contacts

Justin Thorne, Project Manager
(801) 231-7774

Madison Allred, Manager Public Relations/HR
(801) 916-7513

Tony Archibald, Project Manager
(801) 913-0780

Company Profile

In an industry full of diverse needs, Brahma Group, Inc. (Brahma) is a leader. We’re a full-service mechanical industrial construction company with active projects nationwide. As a major supplier of equipment and services to various industrial industries, we integrate an elite corps of professionals with a national workforce that’s diverse and highly skilled. We’re organized to get the job done. We focus on our clients, so our services and equipment are always advanced, cost effective and the highest quality available.

Updated 10-2017