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To put on a first class event, we need sponsorships to help us defray the costs of the venue, meals and breaks associated with our Annual Meeting. In addition, we invite numerous important friends and allies of the industry as guests to join us. We need your help to make this all happen! Please consider sponsoring an event and helping UPA continue providing this important service to our Members and the industry. All sponsor's names and logos will be prominently displayed on tabletops, projection screens and printed materials.

Questions?? Contact Jennette King at (801) 703-4444 or jking@utahpetroleum.org


Our company would like to support UPA as an Annual Meeting Sponsor:


*Send Checks To:
Utah Petroleum Association
10714 S. Jordan Gateway, Suite 160
South Jordan, UT 84095

**Credit Card Payments:
A PayPal invoice will be sent to your email and a 3.2% processing fee will be added.

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Thanks to UPA's Chairman's Circle Sponsors

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