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    Serving Utah's Oil & Gas Industry


The Utah Petroleum Association (UPA) is a Utah based, statewide petroleum trade association representing companies involved in all aspects of Utah's oil and gas industry. We exist to serve our member companies and advance the responsible development of Utah's natural resources and manufacture of fuels that drive Utah's economy.

  • 2018 Midyear Meeting and Oil & Gas Classic Golf Tournament

    Please join UPA for our 2018 Midyear Meeting and Oil & Gas Classic Golf Tournament scheduled for August 1-2 in the beautiful Heber Valley. The August 1 Midyear Meeting will be held at the Zermatt Hotel in Midway with Golf the following day, August 2 at both the Soldier Hollow and Wasatch Mtn. Golf Courses. Register now for these fun and educational petroleum industry events.

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Thanks to UPA's Chairman's Circle Sponsors

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