Utah Petroleum Association

Fueling Utah's Growth & Prosperity

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10714 S. Jordan Gateway
Suite 260
South Jordan, Utah 84095
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The Utah Petroleum Association (UPA) is a non-profit, statewide petroleum trade association representing all segments of Utah's oil and gas industry, from small independents to large majors. UPA Members account for over 90 percent of all crude oil and natural gas produced in Utah and are responsible for 100 percent of the State's refining capacity. Founded in 1958, UPA works cooperatively with our Member Companies, to promote a favorable business climate in Utah where the petroleum industry can be successful in responsibly and safely developing the State's resources that are so critical to each Utah citizen. Read more . . .
Featured Event

Uinta Basin Community Outreach Dinner

UPA holds a quarterly Community Outreach Dinner in the Uinta Basin to better foster communication and understanding between the Basin community and the oil and gas industry. The next event is scheduled for Tuesday, October 21, 6:00 p.m. at the Crossroads Community Center in Roosevelt. Click Here for more information and to RSVP.
Showcasing Utah's Industry

UPA Oil & Gas Exhibit

UPA is raising funds to create a world-class exhibit using both state of the art technology and traditional means to highlight the history, practices, technology and economic impact of the oil and gas industry in the Uinta Basin. This project will provide a great opportunity for everyone involved in the industry to support a facility that will showcase the huge beneficial impact our industry has on the Basin and State of Utah. More . . .
What's Current

Air Quality

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Clean air is important to us all. Our employees and their families live in the communities where we operate. Our industry considers our environmental stewardship among our highest of priorities. Along the Wasatch Front and in the Uinta Basin, our companies are investing significantly in equipment and technologies to reduce emissions to the greatest extent possible. More . . .

Tier 3 Fuels

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Tier 3 fuels are a continuing step on the road to reducing our industry's impact on the environment. The Tier 3 program falls closely on the heels of the complete implementation of the Tier 2 fuel standards that have significantly reduced tailpipe emissions in Utah and around the country. More . . .

Gas Prices

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The price of fuel affects all of us. For most of us in Utah, driving is a big part of our lives. Our busy families and businesses require a lot of fuel to keep us moving. The price of gasoline goes up and down based on a number of economic factors, very similar to other commodities we purchase in the marketplace. More . . .

Hydraulic Fracturing

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Hydraulic fracturing (commonly referred to as fracking), along with other advanced technologies, have dramatically changed the face of domestic energy production. Nearly all wells are fracked which unlocks the possibility of producing much more oil and gas from each individual well. Fracking has been successfully completed over 1.2 million times in the U.S. and has been an important part of the petroleum industry for over 60 years. More . . .
Utah's Industry


The petroleum industry in Utah dates clear back to the late 1800s. Read more . . .


Responsibly developing our State's natural resources enhances all our lives. Read more . . .


Utah is richly blessed with abundant natural resources. Read more . . .


Oil, natural gas and refined fuels are moved all over Utah via truck, rail and pipe. Read more . . .

Fuels Marketing

Gas stations provide each of us with fuel safely and conveniently. Read more . . .


Utah's refineries supply Utah and much of the Intermountain West with fuel. Read more . . .